Reconditioning & Dyno Tuning Services for Brushless Motors

Reconditioning & Dyno Tuning Services for Brushless Motors

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Do you want to make your existing brushless motor faster? 

Every motor has potential, but some are not built as well as others.  My goal is to give you an honest assessment regarding the capabilities of your motor. 

I can recondition & dyno tune your existing, used motor, if it is not performing at it's best.  We will put it through a comprehensive series of testing to bring your racing investment up to it's maximum performance. 

To send us your used motor, please complete checkout & we will email you back with our address.

If you prefer, you can also purchase a brand new motor with the option of dyno-tuning as well.

What we do for you when you request a Reconditioning/Dyno Tuning Service:

  • Break down & clean your motor
  • Check & evaluate all parts of the motor
  • Align sensors
  • Measure rotor strength
  • Measure stator resistance & record
  • Shim & reassemble your motor

In your order you will also receive:

  • Storage tube for your motor
  • Motolyser printout
  • Dyno sheet

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