Motiv M-Code MC3 21.5 (Fully Dyno Tuned) RC Brushless Motor
RC Brushless Motor Dyno Tuning Service

Motiv M-Code "MC3" 21.5 (Fully Dyno Tuned) RC Brushless Motor

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This is the Motiv 21.5 Turn M-CODE "MC3" Brushless Motor, Fully Dyno-Tuned.

Every MOTIV Motor is hand checked, assembled and packaged by a professional in house at their WI, USA office. During this process, every motor component must meet MOTIV requirements before assembly and packaging. Included is a specification check list which is filled out on a motor to motor basis all through the testing and assembly process to ensure the quality of our finished product. 


  • Stator:
    • Specially selected stator material for low power loss
    • High quality pure copper wire
    • Emphasis on hand winding for consistency
  • Solder Tabs:
    • Gold plated pure copper tabs for low resistance
    • Internal "Drop Connection" design to ensure low resistance and consistent internal solder joints
  • Rotor:
    • Sintered rotor
    • High quality neodymium magnet material for lasting magnetism
  • Can Assembly:
    • High flow vent holes to allow air flow in and out for lower operating temps
    • Machined all aluminum anodized can, front plate and end bell
    • Infinitely adjustable timing
    • Dual precision ball bearings
  • Overall:
    • Every motor tested in house during the assembly and packaging process
    • Spec/test sheet provided uniquely for every motor to ensure quality
    • Designed to comply with ROAR specifications
    • Lightweight completed design
    • Packaged in reusable cushioned storage container

We also fully dyno-tune your motor

A Full Dyno Tuning Includes:

  • breaking down & cleaning the motor
  • checking & evaluating all parts
  • aligning sensors,
  • measuring rotor strength & stator resistance & recording
  • shimming & reassembling

In your order you will also receive:

  • Storage tube for your motor
  • Motolyser printout 
  • Dyno sheet 

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