MOTIV Grey Graphene Pro Lipo 6000mAh 7.6V Shorty (MOV2036)

MOTIV Shorty 6000mAh, 7.6V, 2S, 100C Lipo Battery (MOV2036)

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MOTIV Grey Graphene Pro Lipo 6000mAh 7.6V Shorty - MOV2036

The latest technology from MOTIV with ultra-low resistance graphene cell chemistry. These cells are the best of the best, manufactured in small batches to ensure the shortest shelf time between the factory and dropping into your buggy or truck. This attention to detail and performance is what separates MOTIV form the rest of the pack.


  • 100C Discharge Rating
  • 2C Charge Rating for quick, safe recharging
  • High Capacities - 6000mAh
  • 5mm Bullet Connectors with labeled polarity markers
  • Hard Grey Casing - Case provides increased durability and reliability

Balance Lead Length: N/A
Battery Balance Connector: 2mm port (Charge cable not included)
Battery Voltage: 7.6V
Charge Protection Circuitry: No
Connector Type: 5mm Bullets (Not Included)
Hard Case: Yes
Length: 96mm
Width: 47mm
Height: 26mm
Weight: 219g (No Connectors)

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