Need help choosing a new motor or rebuilding an existing one?

Helping fellow racersHi!  I'm Chris and I've been racing rc cars for over 33 years.  I can still be found nearly every weekend at a race track engaging and connecting with other racers.

My contribution to the rc industry is to help to rebuild motors to make them run faster, more efficiently, and with more power and improved performance.

I can help get the most out of your motor by reconditioning & dyno tuning your existing, used motor. I will put it through a comprehensive series of testing and use that data to make adjustments to bring your racing investment up to it's maximum performance.  

RC Dyno Tune

You can contact me below or via the facebook messenger link on this page.  I answer pretty quickly!

OR, If you already have a motor you wish to send to be dyno-tuned, you can send to:  

Alpha Pace RC
c/o Chris Bertotti
57 Beaver Drive
Barrington, NJ 08007

Be sure to write a note with your email address so I can contact you!

If you do wish to send your used motor, you can pay for services now by clicking here or you can wait until your motor is complete & I can send a request for payment then.