How I can help ...

My name is Chris and I have been racing rc cars for over 33 years.  I can still be found nearly every weekend at a race track engaging and connecting with other racers.  Now, my mission is to contribute to the growth of the rc industry, by helping racers of all levels.  My passion for this hobby has given me the knowledge needed to help my fellow racers reach their full potential with their motors.  

Every motor has potential, but some are not built as well as others.  My goal is to give you an honest assessment regarding the capabilities of your motor.  I can help get the most out of your motor by reconditioning & dyno tuning your existing, used motor. I will put it through a comprehensive series of testing and use that data to make adjustments to bring your racing investment up to it's maximum performance.  What I do is rebuild your motor to make it run faster, have more power, improve performance & run more efficiently.   

I reply to emails very quickly.  If you want to contact me to see if I can help you, you can contact me via email at; you can also click the messenger icon at the bottom right of this page. You can also phone/text at 856-220-7591, or via our Facebook page